About Ecig-Coach

At Ecig-Coach our main purpose is to help people achieve their dreams through a love of sports. We are also fans of sports football premier league who love to speak what we see in the game. We at Ecig-Coach help sponsorship and digital teams work together to drive results for sponsors. And to use content-rich campaigns that your fans love. Therefore, Ecig-Coach stays at the forefront of sports digital and technology trends through our weekly sports news. To maintain client and the sports industry informed of how to better serve fans. And to extend the match day experience to the digital world.

At Ecig-Coach we cover all kinds of lists of sports both professional and international competition. The goal of the company is to connect sports, fans, and sponsors using technology. The owner of the company used to work with professional teams and leagues to understand what content fans want. He knows how to develop digital teams to deliver that content. As well as, how to commercialize digital fans with membership, merchandise and sponsor promotions.

Ecig-Coach launched in 2009, combines the popular aspects of Social Media, Social Networking. As well as, Online Radio, Video, Forum and blogging under one roof. Created and owned by Jeffrey Sean. Jeffrey himself love sports such as football and basketball. In fact, his friend encourages him to start this business because of his knowledge and his connections. With the same set friends that he works now in this company. Together they continue to be one of the leading sports blogs and website. His first project is to cover the final of NBA between Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic. Which the latter wins the title with four games to one.

The membership is for free so that fans can enjoy the service that that company offers.